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안녕하세요! =) 모든 사람 반갑습니다;] 

This is blog ONLY about slant-eyed
countries!;] Specially about KOREA, TAIWAN, Japan and China, asian bands (SuJu~~DONGHAE, SHINee~~JONGHYUN, Fahrenheit~~CHUN & AARON & JIRO, DBSK~~YUNHO, ) singers~~DANSON TANG, SHOW LUO and actors^^ If u don't like them...simple -  DON'T VISIT ME! =)

안녕 가다! (^_<)

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110727 생일축하합니다 to me!!! ^^

Today is my 25th b-day!!! ^_^
HAEppy to me! =))
Donghae, be my PRINCE cuz I'm your PRINCESS 4EVER!!!♥♥♥

~~Everyone chongmal (very much) komawo & xie xie & shukriya-ji & arigatou & thank you & dziękuje for your all wishies, gifts, love, caring, kindness, warm and that you all remember about me!~~ XDDD I'm really greatful, appreciate that and full HAPPY! =)) all friends one word: saranghae & wo aini & ishq hai tumse & aishterou & I love you & kocham Was!!!♥♥♥ You make my day special! =)) thank you again! <BIGHUGS>~~

Full wishies: 57 / last year: 42
Family - 2
FB - 46
SJ_W - 3
LJ - 2
SmS - 4

It was great day, I was happy XDDD chongmal komawo omma & sis !!:*:*:* sarangHAE !! ♥♥♥ *HUGESHUGS*
hae_sexy &amp; free &amp; single

110428 2000th days to SJ!! =))

Happy 2000th days to SJ & ELF's!!
Thanks to the SUPER BAND ******슈퍼 주니어*******
they truly taught me how to love, laugh & appreciate lots things! 슈주 사랑한다~영원이♥

Leeteuk Oppa twt msg:
2,000th day since debut.  There are still lots of things I want to do in the future.  To all the E.L.F.’s who have given us so much love, everyone!  I sincerely love and thank you.

Chukayhae on your 2,000th day since debut!!!~~  Let’s go all the way to 10,000 days! XDDD

I PROMI15E!!! XDDD ♥♥♥

OMGGG! *.* I almost cry...this was so BEAUTIFUL!♥♥♥ I'm proud to be ELF and total agree with it! =))

sarangHAE boys!!!♥♥

[官方HQ]唐禹哲 開往明天的旅行(MV完整版)

Aaaaaaa!!! NEW MV DT!!! O___o woooah!~~ I'm sooo EXCITED!!! XDDD goosh!~~ this mv is really really bad;> what a scenes! *.* HOOOT & SEXYYY!!!♥♥♥ I wish that I could have the same moments with DT! XDDD haha lol *joke* aaah!~~ sooo BEAUTIFUL song but sad too:( and I don't understand the end >< hmmm...anyway Danson looks HANDSOME, STUNNING, GORGEOUS ect as usually!!!♥♥♥ OMGGG! O__________o and I LOVE his new hair color really suit to him! ^_^

*melt*  *faint*  *dead*
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YES, It today! my 2nd anniversary!!! XDDD Wooah!~~ I can't believe that this time past so quickly! ^_^ Now I'm 2 years addicted ELF!!! =)) I'm still biiig fan of SUPER JUNIOR!!!~~ And I can't wait when I meet them in person, watch concert LIVE, talk with them (special with my PRINCE Hae! *.* ♥♥♥), get autographs & hugs & kiss from them and take common pic together! ^o^ this is my the BIGGEST dreams!!! ♥♥♥  Super Junior is the most IMPORTANT thing in the world, for me! They are my LIFE! ♥ I support the idea of "13 is a group, 15 is a family" So~ I support Henry and Zhoumi as well! =)) I 13ELIEVE in SuJu, I promi15e that I will be ELF 4EVER and I 1OLVE them from bottom of my heart!!! ♥♥♥

I hope that someday my dreams come true!~~
FIGHTING from me! =))

my previous note:1st anniversary
hae_sexy &amp; free &amp; single

110408 Happy 3nd Anniversary SJ-M! =))

Happy 3rd anniversary SJM!!
I can't believe that it's already been 3 years! *.*
All the work that you've guys have spread across China and.. more over.. ASIA is just AMAZING!!! =))
Keep up the WONGERFUL work and the latest song 'Perfection' is just perfection!♥♥♥
 SJM, you guys are absolutely talented! FIGHTING!!!~~ Don't forget that we're here ELFs for supporting you! ^_^
And I'm really happy for fact that Eunhyuk Oppa and Sungmin Oppa join to SJ-M! XDDD Komawo!~~

Chukayhae!!!:* sarangHAE!~~ ♥​♥​♥

~~ 'DisPLAY' photobook with Danson Tang ♥___♥ ~~

OMGGG !! *.* I don't know what to say...today I got my PACKAGE with DANSON TANG !! ♥___♥ AAAAAA !! O_o I'm sooo HAEppy & EXCITED and I'm sooo GREATFUL !!^^ I don't know how to THANKFUL Paola for this book !!:* this book is total DAEBAK & JJANG & AWSOME & AMAZING just BEAUTIFUL !! ♥ . there is sooo maaany STUNNING & GORGEOUS & HANDSOME just PERFECT pics of DT !! ♥___♥ and this book have 160 pages !! O____________o goosh, I almost DIEEE when I saw it...I'm MELTING and FAITING here @_@ and really xie xie for SWEET & CUTE & LOVELY and ADORABLE postcard with Danson !! ♥waaah, u really made my day dear !!:* xie xie again and I will always support ur grupe !! =)) *HUGEHUGS*

ps. too shame that don't understand chinesse =.= awww

this is my gift for u Paola !!:* ♥

Photobook 'DisPlay'♥♥♥

I will show u only my fav pics from book cuz there is too maaany of them !! *.* hell LOVE it !! ♥♥♥

DT autograph !! ♥ .

omggg, what a pose !! ♥___♥ *dead*

NAKED DT ARMS !! O___o aaah, too HOOOT & SEXYYY !! ♥ .

this MUSCLES !! ♥ .

too BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT !! ♥___♥♥

LOVELY & CUTE & ADORABLE & SWEET DT postcard !! ♥♥♥ aaah !!~~

*killed* *dead* *soil* *drools* *faint* *melt* *nosebleed* *heartattack*
hae_sexy &amp; free &amp; single


생일축하합니다!!! ^^
Pam my pretty:* dongsaeng-yah, my soul sis and twinnie bejbs 사랑해!♥♥♥
Be always happy, healthy, smilling alot, never sad and uljima! =]
HAEppy 16th birthday bejbs!^_^
I hope that ur ALL dreams come true!!! XDDD I wish u:
that somday I visit u and we FINALLY meet! ^_^
that someday we go to Korea together~~
when we will be in Korea, we go to SUJU concert!!!♥ aaaaaaaa!!! *excited*
then we will be able to talk with them (special with our PRINCE DONGHAE!!!♥♥♥), huGs all of them, take pics, get autographs ect =]
I also hope that someday we will be travel to ALL Asia together! XDDD
and so on so on~~
Sweety study hard, don't give up and finish ur education with THE BEST marks!!! =^_~= FIGHTING! =]
Donghae gives u his HEART and na do!♥ <HUGE teddy bear HUGGG> :*:*:*
chukayhae! sarangHAE!!!♥♥♥


Donghae: Pamela, I give u my HEART!♥

Donghae sarangHAE!♥

and kiSSSies!:*:*:*

chukayhae! sarangHAE!!!♥♥♥